New Qatar Rules

Dear All,

We have received the below information regarding changes in customs procedures in Qatar. Please check inform your Clients accordingly  to avoid any delay in clearance Please be informed that,  all  the  shipments coming by road need ARABIC  Invoice/Packing list  and COO mandatorily  henceforth .

For those trucks who is having more than one Bayan, inspection will be done only through RAMP 3.   If a trailer reaches in the morning hours, same has to wait till next day morning for further proceeding in this regard. We shall be able to take token for inspection in the next day morning only and inspection can be arranged based on availability of token over there.   Normally, 20 to 25 trucks will get an appointment for inspection at RAMP 3   on a day and feel that which will create a heavy rush in the border with more waiting hours.   In the case of Multiple Bayan shipments, we are expecting that, it will take a minimum of 48 hours   to finish the customs clearance and vehicle exit from the border.  

This rule is starting from 01-09-15

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